Rapidly deployable logistics when they’re needed most

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Case study: Rapidly deployable expeditionary logistics for the US military

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In austere environments, every second counts

Zipline allows you to set up a quickly-deployable autonomous aircraft system that brings mission-critical items and medical supplies to those who need it most—reducing costly convoy trips that put your force (and mission) in jeopardy.

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Strategic delivery that minimizes risk

As a Group 2 autonomous UAS, Zipline performs tactical delivery of blood, medical products, and small mission-critical items directly to the warfighter with less risk than traditional logistics capabilities.

Blood supply chain resilience

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Distribute centralized blood products closer to the point of injury than ever before

Distributed logistics

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Distribute centralized blood products Ship all manner of critical supplies where needed with drastically reduced risk to forcecloser to the point of injury than ever before

Tactical toolkit

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Utilize logistical assets for simultaneous drone trips to false and real delivery points

UAS delivery experimentation platform

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Experiment with the only drone delivery system flight proven with over 70,000 missions

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Swiftly launch simultaneous flights

In times of need, quick, reliable shipping of critical materials is crucial. Zipline can make rapid simultaneous deliveries of payloads weighing up to 4.5 pounds per sortie, even when roads are damaged or impassable.

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By the numbers


Ship 1 ton



2 minute


Run dozens

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Field operations made simpler

Zipline’s autonomous delivery model fills an operational gap in defense: unmanned resupply. Our UAS allows more direct routes, more efficient delivery of items, and less risk to force.

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On-demand logistics when you need them most