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Case Study: How Ghana leveraged its nationwide drone network to distribute PPE


Bring agility, speed, and efficiency to your supply chain like never before.

As the world’s largest on-demand instant delivery service, we’ve flown millions of miles to deliver hundreds of thousands of medical supply shipments to health facilities in countries across Africa- because healthcare professionals deserve flexible, reliable shipping that empowers them to save lives.


Adaptable healthcare logistics solutions

Our on-demand delivery model adapts seamlessly to your supply chain needs—saving time, money, and wastage.

Unmatched agility


We help adapt your supply chain system to your needs, regardless of conditions. When stockouts happen, we deliver product fast enough that most patients won’t realize it wasn’t on the shelf to begin with.

Guaranteed product quality


Zipline ensures optimized and cost-effective universal availability of cold-chain, fragile, and unique medical supplies.

Universal availability and equity


Our system ensures all patients receive the medications and supplies they need to live healthy, fulfilled lives—no matter where they live.

Data-driven delivery


Zipline directly serves hundreds of healthcare facilities from a single central point—and we’re able to track and trace every delivery in real time.


Data delivers

What can you do with real-time demand signals? Every interaction in the Zipline fulfillment system is tracked, from order to electronic proof of delivery.

The power and flexibility of instant delivery is amplified by a system that surfaces and analyzes the data we capture. Zipline helps you drive continuous improvement in your supply chain—from upstream demand forecasting to downstream resource allocation.


By the numbers







Better health outcomes

Better medical product availability equals better health. Zipline helps transform health organizations into agile, cost-effective systems that serve patients, providers, and suppliers alike.


How can Zipline help you change lives?