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Case study: How Zipline helps leading retailers reimagine same-day logistics

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Your customers want the fastest, most convenient delivery possible

Though only 19 percent of retailers offer two-hour home delivery, 55 percent of consumers say it would increase their brand loyalty. Our drone delivery service complements traditional ground delivery services by providing instant, on-demand, to-the-minute delivery to your customers' homes.

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Last-mile capabilities that give you an edge over the competition

Fast delivery isn’t just a perk anymore—it’s the key to omnichannel success. Zipline empowers you to push the envelope of last-mile delivery speed, reliability, and transparency.

Cut delivery times

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With delivery guarantees as low as 30 minutes, Zipline helps you turn the last mile problem into the ultimate competitive advantage.

Give precise control

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Customers can select a 15-minute delivery window as easily as they set an alarm on their phone.

Reach more customers

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Zipline's 50-mile delivery range allows you to serve customers beyond the reach of existing same-day delivery solutions.

Centralize inventory

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A longer delivery range means fewer warehouses, lower inventory costs, and more scale economies.

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Empower your customers with the most convenient delivery service in the world