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Zipline is the global leader in instant logistics, solving complex issues with purpose-driven innovation

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Zipline is the world's largest commercial autonomous delivery system and the global leader in instant logistics.

  • Tens of millions of real-world autonomous beyond-visual-line of sight (BVLOS) miles flownTens of millions of real-world autonomous beyond-visual-line of sight (BVLOS) miles flown
  • 280,000 delivered packages280,000 delivered packages
  • 25+ million serviceable population25+ million serviceable population
  • Global network of distribution centersGlobal network of distribution centers

Revolutionary technology  built with purpose

Built to fly

Our autonomous electric aircraft are the backbone of our instant logistics system, safely flying to deliver products anywhere from suburban homes to remote facilities in the countryside.

Reliable by design

From unmanned traffic management systems to real-time weather forecasting, our first-in-class technology stack has enabled our aircraft to safely fly tens of millions of miles and become the most robust autonomous delivery system on the planet.

Managed with precision

Our warehousing and fulfillment technologies ensure that the right item shows up at the right place at the right time, be it a bottle of cough syrup to a home in the suburbs, blood platelets to a village clinic, or lab samples to the hospital laboratory.

Scaled with efficiency

The services we offer are designed as system-level technologies at heart, meaning that Zipline can deliver clean and scalable solutions without going back to the drawing board.

Delivery made easy

Our apps and integrations make managing orders, tracking deliveries, and customer support all effortless by design. We work with our partners to make accessing the convenience of instant delivery easy.

Delivery for our future

Congestion-free delivery
Reduced emissions
Access for all
Quiet and fast delivery
Zipline technology: A look inside

When GPS location isn’t enough


To fly autonomously, Zips need to know their position and orientation at all times to a high degree of accuracy. Standard GPS is only accurate to 5 meters, which isn’t enough for safe flight operations or accurate deliveries.


Zipline embedded a custom-built navigation system that uses onboard flight components and relative positioning. Every Zip can autonomously determine where it is in 3-dimensional space down to a single centimeter, which means safer, more controlled flight at every turn.

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“It has changed the system for us for the better. We are 100% sure of product availability even when there is a shortage. Plans are in place to cover the whole country so that every single facility has access to the right commodity at the right time.”

- Richard Essien, District Health Director, Afram Plains South District

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Richard Essien, District Health Director, Afram Plains South District

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