Instant Deliveries at National Scale

More than two billion people lack adequate access to essential medical products, such as blood and vaccines, due to challenging terrain and gaps in infrastructure. Zipline improves access to these supplies by flying over impassable mountains and washed-out roads, delivering directly to clinics.

A Magically Simple System That Just Works

Zipline provides a seamless delivery system at an affordable price. We manage all aspects of the delivery service, obsessing over every detail, so you can focus on patient health.

Order by Text Message

Health workers at remote clinics and hospitals text an order with Zipline for the medical products they need, on demand.

Packed in Minutes

Zipline safely stores medical products at its Distribution Center, enabling immediate access to even the most sensitive or scarce items.

These items are packaged here and prepare for flight, maintaining cold-chain and product integrity.


Within minutes, health workers receive confirmation that their order has launched.

Racing along at 100 km/h, products arrive faster than any other mode of transport, no pilot required.

Direct Delivery

Fifteen minutes later, the medical products are delivered gently by parachute, landing in a designated area the size of a few parking spaces. Hospital staff are notified via text message.

Zipline has been designed for real-world use. Our service has been refined from years of testing and thousands of actual deliveries. Zipline excels under the challenges of incliment weather, demand spikes, and lifesaving urgency.


Day and night

75 km

Zipline service radius

Rain or shine

All-weather performance

30 min

Average fulfillment time

1.5 kg

Capacity per flight

500 deliveries

Daily capacity

The Future is Already Here

Now Making Daily Deliveries to Hospitals Across Rwanda

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far can Zipline fly?

A Zipline Distribution Center can reliably deliver to any site within 75 km (150 km round trip), even with high winds, downpours, and tall mountains.

What infrastructure is needed at the delivery site?

Nothing. Zipline does not land or recharge at delivery sites, so no infrastructure needs to be installed. To begin service to a new delivery site, Zipline performs a survey flight to map the area. Within two days, we're ready to start delivering to an open clearing the size of two parking spaces. This can even be on the clinic's roof!

Can Zipline airplanes be purchased?

No. Zipline provides a fully-integrated delivery service. We operate our own equipment so you don't have to worry about the ins-and-outs.

Is Zipline safe?

Yes. Zipline has engineered the airplanes from the ground up with safety as the top priority. Redundant motors, batteries, GPS, and electronics are why Zipline's airplanes are among the safest in the sky. Additionally, each Zipline airplane has a parachute landing system.

Why does a Zipline drone look more like an airplane than a quadcopter?

Zipline has designed its service to meet the real-world needs of our customers. Our custom-designed fixed-wing airplane can fly farther, faster, and in more inclement weather conditions than a quadcopter can, enabling service to facilities 10 times as far, regardless of weather.

How are Zipline's airplanes powered?

Redundant lithium-ion battery packs and twin electric motors enable a high level of reliability, low operating cost, and an environmentally-friendly solution.

Who flies Zipline's airplanes?

Our airplanes fly on predetermined routes using an advanced autopilot, developed in-house to be highly-reliable in all weather conditions. A Zipline Controller monitors the airspace as our fleet of airplanes perform their missions.

Ready for Zipline?

Zipline works with governments and organizations to provide fast, dependable last-mile deliveries that enhance the performance of existing supply chains. Zipline establishes service contracts with customers that fit their priorities and anticipated delivery volumes.

Zipline also provides a modern ordering portal for health facilities to place orders, whether it be phone call, WhatsApp, or website.

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