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Vital, On-Demand
Delivery for the World

Enabled by the fastest and most 
experienced drone delivery service

Zipline delivers critical and lifesaving products precisely where and when they are needed, safely and reliably, every day, across multiple countries.

We've made 6,487 commercial deliveries — and counting.

How We're Different

Our mission is to provide every human on Earth 
with instant access to vital medical supplies.

Recent advances in logistics — like instant, on-demand delivery — mainly serve those in the biggest, wealthiest cities.

Zipline is a transformational change in logistics. We provide equal access to on-demand delivery, globally, and for the deliveries that matter most.

  • National Scale Logistics

    Zipline partners with our customers to serve each of their delivery points across an entire region or country, making products available quickly while minimizing waste. Our system can either complement or replace 
    existing delivery networks.

    Map illustrating Zipline's service region

    Map of Zipline service area in Rwanda

  • Healthcare Expertise

    Zipline understands that quality storage and handling are paramount, particularly for medical products that require cold chain and other special conditions. Our healthcare expertise informs end-to-end product storage and handling that meet the industry’s high standards.

    Zipline operator preparing an order
  • Customer Centered,
    Tech Enabled

    Zipline designs, tests, manufactures, and operates our cutting-edge technology. Our drones and autonomous navigation systems have been custom developed to meet your delivery needs, and we never stop improving them.

    President Nana Akufo-Addo launching a zipline drone

    Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia launches Zipline’s service in Ghana, April 2019

  • Endorsed by 
    Civil Aviation Authorities

    We work closely with our civil aviation authority partners to address their needs and ensure they have live visibility and full understanding of our operations. 
    Together, we create a safe, modern airspace.

    Silas Udahemuka speaking at Frontier Technologies in Aviation

    Director General of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority speaks about Zipline partnership to the International Civil Aviation Organization
    ICAO, published by Zipline, 14:38

  • Light, Fast, Electric

    Gas combustion vehicles break down, get stuck in traffic jams that prevent urgent response, and put human drivers at risk behind the wheel, particularly when the route is rough and treacherous. Zipline’s drones are battery powered and fly quickly and directly to their destinations, leaving ground vehicles behind.

    Zipline drone flying
  • High Tech Jobs 
    for Local Talent

    Zipline hires and trains local talent to oversee our flight and fulfillment operations in every market we operate. Every Zipline installation doubles as an investment in local job development and training.

    Zipline operator inspecting a drone