There's nowhere else quite like Zipline

Solve problems that matter.

Work with people who care.

Feel proud of your work.

Open Positions

The values that help us deliver

Customer Obsession

Find a solution that is amazing for the customer, then figure out how to scale it.


We each have clear ownership over an important part of Zipline.

You can't innovate in the dark

Transparency breeds trust: the foundation of excellent teamwork. We all have access to the people, information, and resources we need to get the job done.

Serve your species

Everyone at Zipline is a leader, making the people and teams around them extraordinary.

Change every day, mostly for the better

While maintaining safety, take risks, make decisions quickly, share mistakes broadly, and learn from them openly.

World-Class Benefits

We go above and beyond to offer our team amazing benefits. The specifics vary by country.

Generous parental leave

Healthcare, vision, and dental coverage

Generous vacation policy

Healthy, delicious meals and snacks

Dog-friendly offices

Monthly wellness stipend

Transitional company housing

Monthly team events

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