We’re doing things that have never been done before

It’s what building a 21st-century logistics solution requires.


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Zipline was founded on a mission to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies

Today, we’re making good on that promise—and more. From COVID-19 vaccines and emergency medicines to the routine resupply of thousands of health facilities and home-delivery of health products, on-demand delivery with Zipline can transform your supply chain's reach and speed.


Speed, autonomy, scale, agility—it takes a lot to build a system that serves every human equally

FDA-compliant warehouses. Infrastructure where it didn’t exist before. Hardware built to withstand extreme conditions. At Zipline, we don’t just deliver goods and supplies—we overcome unthinkable obstacles to build supply chain systems that provide a meaningful, sustained experience for people around the globe.


"Zipline is a transformational company that is revolutionizing the medical supply chain by making distance disappear, creating the world's first logistics system built to serve everyone, everywhere, regardless of where they live." - Bono, Zipline Board of Directors

We are guided by our core values

Customer obsession


We identify customers proactively. We understand their needs, collect their feedback, and advocate for them relentlessly.



We are accountable to ourselves and each other for excellence. We tackle hard problems with a growth mindset—and lots of feedback.



Transparency breeds trust. We all have access to the people, information, and resources we need to grow and make excellent decisions.

Continuous improvement


We take calculated risks, make decisions quickly, share mistakes broadly, learning from them openly. We are data-driven and judge improvement on measured results.

Servant leadership


We rely on everyone at Zipline to be a leader and make the people and teams around them extraordinary.


Let’s work together to do what’s never been done before