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Zipline is extending its instant delivery service in Arkansas.

Arkansas Updated Splash Image

Serving Arkansas

Zipline is teaming up with Walmart to deliver a wide range of products in Northwest Arkansas.

We are proud to open our first Arkansas distribution center co-located with the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Pea Ridge. Our distribution center will be capable of serving the greater Northwest Arkansas region and will showcase the future of home delivery.

We’d love to bring you your goods! Sign up below to see if your home is eligible - or will be eligible soon - for our delivery service.


Our Mission

Zipline’s mission is to create the first logistics system that services all people equally.


How Zipline deliveries work

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    When a recipient places an order using Zipline delivery, the order is packed in a specialized box with a parachute and loaded in the Zip for delivery.

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    After the Zip launches, Zipline sends a delivery alert to the recipient. Packages are delivered at the time of the recipients’ choosing and can be tracked seamlessly every step of the way.

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    After the Zip delivers the package to the predetermined location, it then flies back to the distribution center to get ready for the next delivery.

Safe and reliable service

Zips have safely flown millions of miles and made hundreds of thousands of deliveries around the world. Though we’ll only fly in good weather conditions for the foreseeable future in Arkansas, our Zips have been tested in a wide variety of weather conditions so that they can safely make deliveries in rain or shine, hot or cold, blue skies or even heavy winds.

Fun Fact

Each day, on average, our Zips around the world fly the equivalent of the Earth's circumference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Packages are outfitted with a special parachute, which brings the package safely and securely to the ground

Zips have a cruising speed of about 60 miles per hour

Zips have a wingspan of 10 feet and are 6 feet long

Zips can currently carry up to 4 pounds

Sign up at to find out if you are eligible. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Zips use rechargeable electric batteries

Zips cruise around 300-400 feet above ground level. When delivering a package, Zips descend to about 60-80 feet above the ground 


Want to Learn More?

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