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Zipline’s Approach to Safety

Committed to making and operating the safest system of its kind in the world.

Zipline’s Commitment to Safety

As the world’s leading autonomous, instant delivery service, Zipline is building a global logistics system that brings all people of the world what they need, when they need it – safely, reliably, quietly, and with minimal impact on the planet. Our solution has been implemented and brought to scale to serve millions of individuals across Ghana, Rwanda, an archipelago in Japan, and in the U.S.. Through these experiences, we’ve learned the profound impact of a supply chain re-imagined by instant delivery.  Each of these miles flown across varied settings and use cases, has taught us, and continues to teach us, how we can optimize customer experiences - keeping safety and reliability at top priority - to inevitably transform the way we live and how we access what we need.

Our Safety Features: 

Safety Features

Technology Testing and Evaluation

Technology Testing and Evaluation

Zipline engineers spend years developing and testing our technology hardware and software to ensure its capability to safely, reliably, precisely, and effectively deliver what people need, exactly when and where they need it. Our team is continuously innovating to advance the safety and reliability of our aircraft and operations.

Zipline operates in close partnership with aviation safety regulators.

Zipline participates in the FAA’s BEYOND program for UAS integration and has a UAS Partnership for Safety Plan (PSP) with the FAA.

Committed to innovating and operating at the highest levels of safety

Zipline views aviation and first responder outreach as a fundamental pillar for ensuring safe integration into the national airspace system. Many of our team members are military and GA pilots themselves. We work closely with all local aviation communities, everywhere we operate, to ensure that we share the sky safely. Our partnerships and engagement often extends to include:

  • Local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)

  • Airport authorities

  • Flight schools

  • Aircraft rental companies

  • Helicopter operators (news, policie, medivac)

  • Public and private airport managers (including seaplane bases) 

  • Fixed Based Operators (FBOs)

  • Nearby military units

  • Local hobbyist organizations (gliders, balloons, ultralights, remote control)

  • Local police, fire and other first responders

ARGUS Rating

Zipline is an ARGUS gold UAS operator. The ARGUS Unmanned Ratings Program is the only rating system in the UAS industry that scores operators based on their organizational and certification documents. Its foundation is formed from the similar ARGUS Rating for charter operations.

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